“As a Brand Plucked Out of the Fire”

Recently Shepherdess Sarah Flores mentioned in her testimony about the Torchlighters video based on John Wesley’s life story. I was interested and watched it with Mary Angeline. The video begins with a young John Wesley being saved from a house fire. When he was returned to his mother she said, “God has saved you, just like the Bible says: ‘a brand snatched from the burning’. He must have something special for you to do, something very special indeed.” These words stayed with John throughout his life. The video concludes with him field preaching and he repeats,“All of us are as a brand plucked out of the fire.” This expression stuck out to me. When I looked it up online I saw it was based on Zechariah 3:2. The Lord says, “Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?”

The Rescue of John Wesley from the Epworth Rectory Fire, 1840

This video vividly illustrates Gods saving grace in John Wesley’s life. When God plucks brands from the fire he uses them preciously for his special purpose. Many times it seemed that my life was almost taken away, due to my sins, health matters, life’s tragedies, or sense of failure. But God showed me his saving grace in Jesus Christ time and time again. When I wonder why, it makes me think about John Wesley’s mother who said, “He must have something special for you to do, something very special indeed.”

These days there is the pandemic going on worldwide and nationwide unrest with protests, and riots. In the midst of this fearful hostile situation are many students suffering like John Wesley in the house fire. Sometimes I get carried away with the news but God has set my life aside as a shepherd to find harassed and helpless students, even online, and help them find peace in Jesus Christ. Thank you Shepherdess Sarah for your testimony and I hope you all enjoy the video!

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So true. We are here because God called us to be shepherds. Whenever I see the news and want to get riled up I remember what Paul said ” a soldier does not get involved in civilian affairs. He wants to please his commanding officer” it can be easy to get caught up in current events but what we’re doing is what really matters and what can really help the nation.

Amen. Let’s aim to please our commanding officer!

The story of John Wesley’s life is very wonderful. Because he was saved from the fire and from sins, he helped thousands of other people come to repentance and established disciples. America is going crazy and wild, and it’s sign that America needs shepherds to teach God’s words with power. America needs God to make things right and needs God’s healing. Let’s do our part as bible teachers, and perhaps we would be God’s megaphone that would wake up many from spiritual slumber. I admire what John Wesley said, “Do all the good you can, By all the means you… Read more »

Yes, that is a really profound saying. It makes me think about really being wholehearted in what we do and doing good with all of our strength.


Thank you very much for posting this, it definitely helps to put stuff into perspective because God is definitely doing something even in this chaos. Many people’s distractions are definitely removed due to qurantine, and protecting themselves at home during protests and mandated curfews. The fields are ripe for harvest, as people’s hearts are being prepared for the gospel.

Yes I watched a Torchlighter’s video, finally! I’ve seen these DVDs lying around the house but never got around to watching them, so thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed the storytelling and voice acting, and the story moved me to tears. It was amazing to see the origin of the Methodists denomination here – I never knew much about them and just thought the Methodists had a lot of…methods? And the Holy Club made me chuckle xD Imagine getting kicked out of every church for saying “I am a sinner…JUST LIKE YOU!” “You cannot be good enough, as… Read more »


“just thought the Methodists had a lot of…methods?” Lol


Thanks for sharing. To Jesus we are worth dying for even while we are sinners.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this post and the video. I had no idea these awesome videos existed!! Way better than cat videos for sure.

Praise God for plucking you out of the fire. It’s so cool and inspiring to see God’s fingerprints in your life (and so many others). I also liked how you related that to today–we are God’s instruments for plucking suffering students out of the fire.

Also, Sarah got that guy’s accent spot on when she shared her testimony hahaha.


Amen. Powerful testimony and powerful truth. I am actually reading this blog after a hard morning of facing the current realities and my own inward struggles. But after reading this blog and being reminded of Shep Sarah testimony. I feel refreshed. It is really true that my life was taken from the fire of this world and has been set apart for a special plan. I went from a burning branch to a small tree that is still growing. 😇Praise God! Thank you Shep. Herman for such a beautiful blog and testimony of what God has done in your life… Read more »

Torchlighters!!! Woohoo!!! We just watched William Tyndale last night at the common life while eating ramen. (>w<)v In Bible studies, Msn John sometimes mentions John Wesley's name, but I had no idea who that man was until I learn about him more because of your post. Your testimony about this video reminds me again that in showing me his grace, God has a purpose. I feel so privileged for not only experiencing God's grace, but also for receiving a special task to do. Indeed, we are really blessed. Even in the midst of the pandemic and all the chaos in… Read more »

Thank you for sharing this spiritual post. I remember our time when we also watched this in the common life. It was a good time! Just watched this torchlighter with my current CL bro and am really amazed at John’s grasp of God’s grace for him. When I think about it, then it is really by God’s grace that he also pulled me out of my fire. Sometimes I feel like he almost dragged my out while I was running quickly to my destruction. But actually, God really came to my level and helped me to see that he was… Read more »