“Every Good Gift comes from God”

The King continues, “How great are his signs, how mighty his wonders! His kingdom is an eternal kingdom; his dominion endures from generation to generation”  What stands out to me is “his dominion endures from generation to generation.”  I am one generation and I have been hoping to see my future generations but each one has faded away.  Especially at this time during the summer, when the campus looks empty, it’s easy to become filled with negative thoughts.

But the way God’s kingdom operates is “his dominion endures from generation to generation.” This means that God is still proceeding his amazing work.  He is fighting along with his army in heaven and on earth; arranging the whole world so that eventually I could find his lost sheep on campus.  Just as he did for me he is preparing great signs for even one lost sheep; and mighty wonders for even one suffering soul. Each fishing encounter is Gods great sign and mighty wonder and it is the beginning of many more to come.  What a blessing it is to be a part of God’s amazing kingdom work! So I must not let God’s kingdom in me die. I just need to be available as his servant; in season and out of season. On campus in fishing mode ready prepared at moments notice for when students accept my invitation.  As my faithfulness endures season after season, God’s blessing will flow from generation to generation.

God’s sovereignty is an important lesson I must learn.  Just as the tree is vividly illustrated and thoroughly described, God has thoroughly established me and has a vivid picture of who I am.  His sovereignty extends into every aspect and part of me and my life; from the inside out. So there should be no point where I acknowledge myself over God.  I am so used to quickly excluding him and acknowledging myself. I become happy about my good point or sad about my shortcoming; whether I go through good times or challenging times it is always self-centered.  And anytime God is excluded and I acknowledge myself, it is pride. I learn that in everything, strengths and weaknesses, good times and challenging times, I must acknowledge God all the time because his choice and blessing is involved in everything.  

The hardest part is during my personal challenges because I feel weak, unsuccessful, and humiliated.  That is when I just feel like I want to stop climbing the mountain.  Then there is no progress at all in my life of faith. It’s easy to just look humble but I learn true humility when I acknowledge God in the midst of suffering.  He is sovereign over my life journey, he is thoroughly involved in my spiritual growth, he is real in my practical life. Then I can accept his good purpose in victories and in challenging moments.  My doubt and fatalism turn to thanks and praise. I lower my posture to continually make progress up the mountain to God.

When the king first had this bible study with Daniel he was terrified, responsive, and alert.  But he did not keep it continually, so 12 months later it was a distant memory somewhere in the back of his mind.  One year later he was found walking on the roof talking about his mighty power and the glory of his majesty. This is one spot in the Bible where it follows up on the Bible student one year later to see how he is doing.  In this matter God wanted to make sure that he was living by this message. I learn that being humble by acknowledging God’s sovereignty is a really serious message that I need to hold onto daily. God will see how I am doing one year from now in this matter.  

My daily struggle is to remember that every good gift comes from God. Fresh air is a good gift, clean water to drink is another, a car to drive is another, Bible study notes and testimonies come from God. My wife is something good that came from God. One thing I am especially thankful for is the food I eat because it is homemade.  At first my wife and I were concerned because neither of us knew how to cook. Even in common life I did not cook but just chopped some fruits and vegetables. But God has helped my wife and I with the ability to cook so that each week we prepare delicious food and every day we enjoy a homemade meal.

I never imagined that I would really enjoy homemade food after I moved from my mom’s house.  My mom and her food was a good gift from God. But God’s goodness continues as he gives me the ability to cook homemade food together with my wife. Also the money I use to buy food and groceries comes from a job which ultimately came from God. I was not qualified but God provided this job for me. Furthermore the family that owns my company is Jewish, so they really came from God. It’s true that every single good thing I have today came from God.  

On my own I was ruining my health and wasting a lot of money eating expensive greasy food everyday; buying alcohol and drugs which I also consumed every day.  I was barely able to coexist with one roommate let alone having real fellowship and relationships like I enjoy today with brothers and sisters. I stayed up late, behaved crazy in the streets, then I woke up late, wasting my life.  I was really living a dying life; as good as dead. Without God I could not enjoy basic things like home-cooked food; let alone having real satisfaction direction and meaning to my life. Only because of God do I live today. So today when I eat and am satisfied, I praise the LORD.  I must be careful to live by this message so that 12 months later God will find me humble; thanking him for how he brought me out of my dying life to this spacious land filled with many good gifts.

For we are God’s Workmanship

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Hahaha praise God for helping you with cooking! Maybe you can share one of your homemade recipes on the blog 😀 This testimony reminds me to acknowledge God and to show real thanks, instead of taking things for granted or acting as if everything is based on my own effort or merit. It’s amazing how far God has taken you, all the way from the streets to living such a full life. “So today when I eat and am satisfied, I praise the Lord.” Amen!

Hahaha. I am happy that you are able to see God’s good blessing in the smallest details of your life. Life with God is very wonderful when we lower our posture. I think it makes the delicious meal satisfying. hahaha. What you said is beautiful, “His sovereignty extends into every aspect and part of me and my life; from the inside out. So there should be no point where I acknowledge myself over God.” I am reminded to think about more of God’s goodness and count those blessings one by one, regularly. I think the more I do that the… Read more »

I am actually very touched by this testimony. It is my nature to look at my performance and to not acknowledge God. When I am not where I want to be then I feel burdened and God feels like he’s not helping. I’m like Elijah in his slump. But I am encouraged to instead acknowledge that God is sovereign over my condition even now, over even students rescheduling and canceling but at the same time over the students that he brought to me this semester and his gift to take care of. God is doing something and he has done… Read more »

That has been a big prayer topic God has given me, not entertaining negativity but whatever is good, noble, fair, to dwell on these things. I’m inspired. Every act of faith is an opportunity to thank and praise God. I think of For King and Country’s song, “Burn the Ships.” Every morning I want to step into a new day!

I highly appreciate your positive interpretation of the lack of comments to your blog… Indeed, in the same way Mary pondered such things in her heart, so do we with all blog posts…
& While some blog posts have abundant comments and some very little, just like Jesus is our unchanging savior, an unchanging fact is that God has granted you great insight and humor through your testimonies. Thank you for them!

I always enjoy your testimonies! 😆 Thank you for reminding us how every good gift does come from God. There are definitely many good gifts in my life, and sometimes I don’t really think about where they come from, I just enjoy them. But I really need to give thanks to God because ultimately, he is the source of every good thing in my life:) Thank you for your testimony and yes, it took me a couple days to ponder about all the truths included in this testimony before I could write a comment, I’m sure it’s also the same… Read more »


I stumbled across your blog post @HIMorales. Who knew that the secrets of the kingdom of God were right here in this quiet post! It is very challenging to learn to acknowledge God’s sovereignty and intervention in even very small things. Sometimes, I pray before I eat a meal because that is what I am supposed to do. But is not a walk in the park to really accept that understanding that these things come from God–food, job, spouse, car, etc. Eating food is one of those things that we don’t really think about. But even homemade food is really… Read more »

Another good gift that comes from God: awesome sisters 😉

It’s so refreshing to be able to read your testimony again. Thank God for giving you the good gift of cooking skill. I’m excited to have your cooking on 11/22/19. Haha.

Anyway, I’m blessed to be reminded again that every good gift comes from God. Sometimes, because of the difficulties that I have, I cannot see this clearly. Yet, as I look back, it is really true that all the good things that I have come from God.

Praise God for his desire for all of us to have a delightful life that he is willing to give us good gifts.

Your testimony is very encouraging and insightful. I’m encouraged to look at the things in life, even the small things, from a different perspective, a good perspective. God bless you!

Mary pondered the words in her heart. I was blessed by this blog post. Praise God who gives us every good gift. He blesses us surely when we trust in Him, leave and go to the land He will shows us. May Gods grace and blessing be abundant in our lives. Thank you for cooking with me.

Better late than never! 🙂 Thank you for posting this. I always enjoy your testimonies. Another gift that God has blessed you with is your humor! It’s very powerful to stop and think about all of the good gifts that come from God in our life. Most importantly, a life with light, direction, and purpose. And on top of that, so many wonderful things like stable transportation and home made cooking. It really is like John 1:16, “From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.” Praise God for what he has done in your… Read more »

Thank you for your testimony! It was very real and down to earth. To acknowledge God in all things in life is a good point. That is what I must do, then i can show proper attitude. Thanks. Also idk about the “Fresh air is a good gift” part. Maybe not so “fresh” in L.A. But i understand your point. Lol. Any air that we can breathe and still continue to serve God, is good. 😊👊🏼✌🏼


Thank you for this very encouraging testimony! You posted this message on a day that I really needed to remember that every good gift comes from God. Sometimes I am focused on the gifts that I don’t have but you reminded me that God has given me so many good gifts which I do not deserve. It is easy to overlook God’s blessing of life, clean water, good food, health, brothers and sisters, and (kinda)fresh air. May God continue to bless us through your testimonies.


I was so blessed and encouraged through your testimony! “Each fishing encounter is God’s great sign and mighty wonder and it is the beginning of many more to come. What a blessing it is to be a part of God’s amazing kingdom work! So I must not let God’s kingdom in me die. I just need to be available as his servant; in season and out of season. On campus in fishing mode ready prepared at moments notice for when students accept my invitation. As my faithfulness endures season after season, God’s blessing will flow from generation to generation” Wow… Read more »


Amen. I have always appreciated your words both in person and in testimony. “ And I am not writing this review because of what you said on Friday but because I agree that we need to support each other more even in the blogs. 😃And I am glad that I read this testimony because I was reminded of who I was a year ago and who I am now. I was reminded that I am not the same person and for that reason alone I need to be more thankful and “I must not let God’s kingdom in me die.… Read more »

Dear Herman,

I love how you focus on the good and perfect gifts that come from Heaven above! I praise God for His work in your life and I pray that God would use your house church to expand God’s Kingdom powerfully on the Earth!

God truly is sovereign in our lives. He made EVERYTHING, like wow, that’s a *lot*. So we truly should be thankful for every little (and big) thing he gives to us…no matter how insignificant it may seem to be. Everything has purpose and meaning and reason for being here. God bless you so immensely!