The Diaries of Quarantined Shepherds

So, this quarantine stuff is definitely new territory for a shepherd who is so used to being in the green pastureland of a college campus. I really do miss the holy hallway in the student union, waving to other shepherds between their Bible studies, and roaming the campus looking for sheep. I think I’m even starting to miss the rejections from students? Another thing I miss is seeing my coworkers in Christ on Fridays and Sundays (although, I am happy that I do get to see everyone through a screen on Zoom!)

At the same time, I’m learning a lot about God and how he does his work during this time. I’m also learning self-discipline, how to keep myself productive, getting creative in doing God’s work online, and trying to keep myself sane indoors! Here are some pictures.

At common life, we started making homemade face masks. Gotta make sure our sheep is protected too!

And we made nifty sit-stand Bible study stations. Highly recommend it!

Also, some freshly planted flowers out front (thanks, brothers!) Although, I’m not sure if too many people will get to see them.

What has everyone else been doing and learning about God during this time? Any quarantine tips/strategies of your own?

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The sheep mask and the sheep behind bars made me laugh hahaha. I’m working still but these days I’m practicing piano a lot. I need some quarantine exercise tips from you all please! That’s one area I definitely haven’t been motivated in LOL

Yay. We’re going to finally have a piano player after we come back

Oh my goodness, the sheep in the first picture is in quarantine!!! Poor sheep! In quarantine, I eat so much snacks – pop corn, trail mix, apples – it seems I become like that sheep, well fed! I am not sure if I should feel sorry or thank God. Hahaha!


Those snacks sounds good. I’ve been eating snacks like watermelon, tangerine, ritz bits, Oreo cheesecake and chocolate chip ice cream. Praise God who feeds us abundantly!

You have such diverse and fancy sounding snacks. Meanwhile I’m usually just munching away on Cheetohs lol

Right?! I think that’s the most diverse snack list i’ve seen in a century! Even though I’ve only been alive for uhum…25 years…but still! I will have to add those to my “to-eat” snacks list. XD

Hahaha this must mean that we should do some exercising (soccer/ultimate frisbee) after we come out of quarantine!

Also, your email was hilarious and inspired me to make these:

HAHAHA our first shepherds church meme!! Very nice!

Very funny pictures! I cracked up. I am glad that my email did accomplish something. Yeah!!! Yes, once we are done with quarantine, let’s do many things – soccer, eating fellowship, tennis, basketball,…

Meme of the day goes to…..@ikovalen. Please make more of these amazing memes. Maybe we can make a blog post full of Shepherds’ Church Memes! Some of us can write up some funny ideas and then make them during this quarantine time while we have time! 😀

Nice pictures! Your expression tells it all, so I am making efforts to comment on the blog more!


Even with no church dramas, your acting talent is effective in just two pictures. On second thought, I may be giving too much credit. There was likely no acting involved in this case.

Thank you for your continual encouragement Anthony!

I see my rug and futon cover is being well used 😉 Man, I miss common life…

To avoid becoming a fat, restless sheep overloading on snacks, I do a jog after waking up, before I start work… I can only keep this routine up with GRATITUDE that I no longer have to wake up at 5AM to commute to Anaheim, but I can wake up later and work from home. I know if I start grumbling about being at home all the time, I’ll lose my desire to jog… so I gotta remain THANKFUL!!



Ooh do you play music when jogging? Do you wear a mask? Every time I think about jogging, I want to hear the “Chariots of Fire” soundtrack in the background lol

oh nooo. That would be too hot. And I don’t come across many people. If I do, I keep my distance. I think mask wearing is only necessary when I have to venture into places with prolonged contacted w/ people…
Music, sometimes. It’s a quick jog so really don’t want the extra burden of carrying my phone around.

That a great idea to do exercise 😉


Hi Sarah, I feel rebuked, I see you jogging in the mornings as I am driving to work. Maybe I need to jog to work it is only 15 miles.. yikesss. never mind I am not there yet. God bless you and keep running so that when the semester starts you can easily chase down the sheep..

lol I would feel rebuked too if I saw @Sarah Lingberg jogging by my house – uh oh! xD


You guys are so funny!!!

Hey, baby steps. Start with 1 mile. By the end of this quarantine situation, 15 miles should be a breeeeeeze.
@Sabaaa heeeey…. I’ll come on by 😉

Ahhhhhhh! *rebuked* hahaha


This sounds doable

“I see my rug and futon cover being well used…” I just added a new addition! you see the big long pillow? well yes that is mine. Muahahahaha. Lol.

Imanuel and I have also been trying to do some exercising while in quarantine. Usually, I don’t have time, but now like you said there is more time! Jesus has multiplied out loaves of time. Good idea to remain thankful

I still somehow gained more than 3 lbs already though 😑

Man I was doing my night time walks/ jogs until I got chased by a coyote Saturday … now I am guess I must also Pick up gratitude to wake up earlier in the morning

A coyote?!! How did you fend it off? That must have been so scary D:

Thanks, Sarah! God used you to encourage me to start jogging again! I prefer jogging on the treadmill but now that the gyms are all closed, I have no choice but to jog outside. I used to jog in the mornings a long time ago before eating breakfast since my cousin said that’s how you can boost up your metabolism, but I have long since forgotten about that (or should I say, I chose to CONVENIENTLY forget about that). But since I know what is helpful and beneficial for me, I will be blessed when I do them. I remember… Read more »

We should do a tennis match once again… after the quarantine period is over and they open up the courts 😀

This encourages me to go jogging, too! OR at least do some workouts at home. 🙂

You guys don’t wear the mask in the common life, do you…? I can’t imagine wearing it for a whole day…

I mainly been working, but I usually try to stay quarantined inside my patrol car as much as I possibly can lol. Other than that, phone bible studies. I find that during this quarantine time, some people who I honestly wouldn’t have expected, have reached out to me for bible study O_o so I praise God that their hearts were quarantined to the truth during this time lol.



That awesome praise God


Amen, but please if you me stranded please come out of the car and help. LOL. stay safe and thank you.

Haha, hmmm. . .🤔 in that that case if you’re stranded, I’ll just stay in my car and just push your car to the nearest autoshop lol jk. Of course I’d help haha.

But I appreciate I’ll try to be safe out here. Only with Gods protection.

Hi, I have not been in quarantine yet because I still work. Starting next week my hours will be reduced 32 hours a week. My struggle is to work out at least twice a week. I am reading Chronicles of Narnia: Last Battle. I had thought about what I’d do if I were quarantined…I would learn a new language probably French since my wife Sarah knows French. ahaha. We would talk to each other in French and maybe Sylvia would learn too. I would also read more books. I have been hearing good reviews on “Man’s Search for Meaning” by… Read more »


Funny joke

Yes, of course Jesus was recycling on Resurrection Day LOL. Most important thing to do, obviously!

I agree. That is the most important thing to do on the Resurrection Day. I’m recycling my dying faith into the resurrection faith. 😖


Christ.“What did Jesus do on this day?” she asked. There was no response, so she gave her students a hint: “It starts with the letter R.”

One boy blurted, “Recycle!”

LOL. that sounds like something we would have said in common life. 🤣
Thank you for the joke, it is refreshing.
And how about learning Portuguese?

Portuguese sounds like a good language to learn. Maybe I’ll be funnier when I learn a new language or have more heart moving messages of Jesus. Who knows!

I’ll be praying for you, Leo, and Andrew and all of those who are not working from home to be safe. Here’s a joke I found. May God not let any of our sheep make this excuse tomorrow… A friend was in front of me coming out of church one day, and the preacher was standing at the door as he always is to shake hands. He grabbed my friend by the hand and pulled him aside The Pastor said to him, “You need to join the Army of the Lord!” My friend replied, “I’m already in the Army of… Read more »

Very good joke! Lol

Hahahaha! XD


Lol!!!! That was so funny 😆😆😆😆

Haha. Nice activities. Maybe, you can also use this time to write some more jokes 😝

To be honest, despite the terrible conditions for many people, God has helped me enjoy staying at home. Only because of him can this be true; otherwise I think I’d be a mess. So I guess I learn that God works all things for the good of his children. I am enjoying actually being around shepherds during the day and the common life feels like more of a family home. Usually, people are gone for most of the day and asleep when I’m back because of the mission. Also, God helps me that I don’t have to deal with worldly… Read more »


Praise God for breaking your all time record!

Amen, praise God

Yeah I saw all your students in the one to one report and was shocked and inspired. Praise God! Have any former students resumed Bible study during the quarantine, or was it mainly your current sheep?

No former students yet, but April’s comment during the Testimony Sharing meeting (thank you for that) encouraged me to study multiple times with them. So mainly current sheep.


Same to being encouraged by April’s comment


Amen, and be careful with all that tasty food, you may lose the birth right as i saw in the video.. lol. And I agree during these times I have come to see how important it is to see Gods blessing. For me I am still going to work but traffic is smooth as butter. And at work I try to practice social distancing especially from my boss.. lol.. just kidding. And when I come home I get to spend more time on online bible studies and less time fighting traffic. And I going to check out the exercise blog… Read more »

Thank you for your continual encouragement for me brother. It has been a blessing to me as I grow in Jesus here. And yes gotta watch out for sneaky Jaco… I mean Imanuel. Jk its been a blessing here too.

Hmmm…. Lentil stew for tonight?

I hear you; staying home is better than going to work with worldly people. I am glad that God blesses you to live with brothers in Christ for they are more enjoyable to be around than many worldly wisemen. Praise God for helping rise above your previous bible study number.


The sheep looks like he wants to come out lol.

Hahahaha, yeah, he’s like….I’m supposed to be freeeee! However, as new people in Christ, we are free in Jesus no matter what circumstances we are in! Even in quarantine, lol. 🙂

“However, as new people in Christ, we are free in Jesus no matter what circumstances we are in!” Amen! This is a wonderful perspective!


The common life sisters look like ninjas lol

Ninja sheep!! Ninja shepherds! Beware!

Ninja Common Life Sister Warriors to the rescue! Flying our ninja stars at satan’s ploys before they reach our sheep! Huuuuuuuyyyyaaaa!

Hi. The sheep look like it is saying “help me pleeeaaasse” in sheep sound lol. Anyway I still have two classes, online. Theatre appreciation and stats. I have to read a lot in this class since it is online now, and I could not help but think about our own church dramas. Although we are inexperienced, by God’s grace our dramas come out really well, like our last production of Lion King 😊. Oh and Stats! What more can I say but that my heart sinks when I think about it, although I am glad it is online now, hopefully… Read more »

Booo I didn’t like stats either! I’ve officially forgotten everything I learned except the student’s t test and significance value for p or something. The recipe is needed on this blog por favor, that no bake Oreo cheesecake sounds really interesting. Oreo?! CHEESECAKE?! I want to say “manna? What is this heavenly concoction?” lol

I just read an article about Dalgona coffee today! Although the whole trend thing is overrated but.. it looks DELISH. Gonna try it soon.

Yea it is lol. But just don’t taste the spoon, it is really strong. Unless you like that. So you can add a lil bit of vanilla extract and maybe a lil more sugar if needed. But it does taste good when u mix it with the milk. Hopefully u like it!


Sam, now you cook!!!! that is meeeeessed up. Where is my coffee?
I am glad to hear that during these time you and Jessica are learning to love each other more and that she has a lot grace in regards to your cooking, I mean mistakes.. lol.. Thank you for sharing this, and please pass on the recipe of your oreo cheesecake. Valeu meu irmao.

Hi Leo, your expression really makes me laaaaaugh – that is meeeeessed up.

So wonderful quarantine stories! “Dalgona” in Korean means “Sweet,” with expression of surprise and delight – so happy! I am sure that as you struggle to make “Dalgona” coffee, you will enjoy a delightful life.

I was just thinking recently that around this time for Easter or recent Gen. passages we would have some kind of drama or dance prepared. I had some ideas for the passage about Joseph helping his brothers repent 😆😆😆

I’m drooling from reading your comment, but I need to be mindful of my belly that’s getting bigger, and the extra 4 lbs. I’ve gained during this quarantine 😖

Hopefully that extra 4 lbs. is from my spiritual muscle though


Quarantine status is no fun at all, but because of Jesus we are sill having fun in this new life. And I agree I am even starting to miss the students rejections, LOL. And I do miss my church family at well. But through all this I have come to see that God is doing something great as we experience this new phase of human history. God is really preparing all of his servants for world mission. And the blog shared of today will be the reminders of future shepherds of how God worked through Shepherds church during these times.… Read more »

Yes, this challenging situation reminds us how blessed we are to have things that we took for granted like seeing one another, having church, enjoying Friday meals, having worship service in the church,…. Indeed, even we miss students’ rejections!

Yes many things I take for granted, Friday dinners, dramas/dances, even fishing rejections. I visited campus recently but the parking lot is blocked off lol. I should never take ANYTHING for granted but always be thankful for every part of this new life.

Yes, be thankful in all things. “Be thankful in ALL circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess. 5:18. Not only thankful in the easy times, but in the hard times as well…and everything in between! Hey, that’s what the Bible says 🙂

“Always be thankful for every part of this new life.” Definitely. This whole virus situation definitely makes even mundane things so amazing and precious. It’s crazy to think that you weren’t even able to park on campus!

Yes, this blog post will go down in HISTORY…. aka…His Story… 😉 We are all creating history right here and now….And God is helping us to be quarantine warrrrioorrsss. Amen.

Hey I should be in that picture with you guys, and Elizabeth too! Muahaha. Anyway, you too look so cute like sheep in masks! ^_^ I have the best common life sisters in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Hey being in quarantine has made it worse for me to wake up early in the morning…sometimes I don’t wake up at all…jk. But, I should try and wake up early…(key word: try). Besides that, I have sooo many bible studies. I’ve even been afraid to reach out to all my old sheep thinking that my schedule will just like explode and I’ll… Read more »

God bless you to even teach 40 1 to 1s and have victory over your schoolwork as well during this time! Yes, maybe you can bless the rest of the church and get more good reviews by making that for Friday meeting some time.

Thank you @ikovalen!!! ^_^ I would absolutely love to be that kind of warrior, and maybe in teaching 40 one-to-one bible studies, my body will be forced to rise from the dead (badum tshh) hahaha. I can do thiss with God! Yes, that would be great! I found two good recipes….I will have to perfect my recipe now. Muahaha.

Heh, I’ve learned the only way to become a better cook is to actually cook… 🙂
CL is good training grounds for that. I had to cook, even when I didn’t want to. And now, I can cook!

Hey, @Sarah Lingberg, you learn by doing, right? Practice makes perfect! Experience makes you more qualified! All those things. Lol.

I feel like I migghttt get to that point where I’ll have to cook even when I don’t want to, though right now, I want to cook all the time! Lol. I like cooking right now, but we shall see. 🙂

I remember your curry or soup dish that one time that had like coconut juice in it….it was soOoOoOoOooooOOOOOO good!!! You should make that again! After all this quarantine business… 🙂

@Sarah Lingberg what is this mysterious curry soup dish??? RECIPEEEEE PLEASE. Is it anything like Tam ka kai? (An amazing Thai soup, coconut-based and very tasty and rich)

Yes please recipe! 😛 I hope you remember what I’m talking about Sarah…hahaha. I think you perfected the dish! ^_^

Yes. Please share the recipes. Maybe I can use them to finally get Esa……. I mean @ikovalen‘s birthright token. Jk 🤣


@Sabaaa ehhh.. I don’t quite remember what dishh you’re talking about. It might be this one: (@sabaaa, @bub4life) Thai Coconut Curry Soup • 3 lemongrass stalks, bottom two-thirds of tender inner bulbs only, thinly sliced • 4 cloves garlic, chopped • 1 (4 inch) piece fresh ginger root, chopped • 4 cups chicken broth • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil • 2 1/2 pounds skinless, boneless chicken thighs, cut into chunks • 12 ounces fresh white mushrooms, quartered • 2 teaspoons red curry paste • 3 tablespoons fish sauce • 1 lime, juiced • 2 (14 ounce) cans coconut milk •… Read more »

Oh I was taking a guess since Alexandra mentioned coconut curry, and thought it might be tam ka kai. But that sounds so delicious!!! I have to try your recipe. It sounds actually doable for my pitiful skill level 😅

Try it out and surprise your family with dinner this week. Lemongrass is easy to find, I saw it at Ralph’s, or you can find it at 99 ranch. The red curry paste is easily found in 99 ranch, a small can will be more than enough. Might be in the Asian section at Ralph’s too, even. Let me know how it goes 😬

Yummmmyyy that might be it! ^_^



This is very encouraging and uplifting. Having only seen my fellow Shepherds in 1inx2in screens on Zoom, it’s nice to see pretty high-res photos. It’s like I’m really there!

For me, I come to see that it doesn’t matter whether I can go out or not, there is TOO MUCH to take care of in life and in MISSION LIFE! Also, I am still who I am, my sins, my practical life struggles and duties. Also…my living quarters have never looked cleaner! That’s a plus 🙂

Haha that’s great that you’ve been keeping busy in quarantine! Maybe lots of people are getting around to spring cleaning now because they have no other choice xD


Praise God for his mission and our other crosses! God is keeping us busy during this quarantine. I have coworkers who talk about not knowing what else to do after work. However, as Shepherds, we have God’s mission and other practical things to take care of. The Muzien living quarters is getting clean one day at a time. But we always have dirty dishes (from all the snacks and meals we eat… lol)


You all sound like your making good use of your time and having fun! I am a little jealous since I feel more busy (and stressed) than ever! I have more patients and responsibilities at work, and I feel like I am on call 24/7….
Although I am really thankful that some of my students are study twice a week and almost all of my students are writing testimonies (it was easier to convince them since they too are quarantined) ! I am praying several of them will join Easter worship service! I cant wait for the messages and testimonies <3


Me too! I look forward to their messages and testimonies!


Great point the feedback from my students is they are available anytime for bible studies

Praise God for your struggle in teaching bible studies even when you are very busy <3 God sees all your efforts for Him and He is with you!! I pray you grow many disciples under your care.

Ughh…. I kept on forgetting about this blog until one day I received an email from a sorrowful pastor 🤣 This is such a fun post to read during this quarantine time. One other thing that Ivan and I have been doing at the common life is to use this time to learn more about prayer. We are now struggling to pray like Daniel (3 times a day). It’s been really enjoyable and fun, but it makes me miss all the “howling” when we did the 40 days of prayer. Praying more really helps me to remain God centered, especially… Read more »


I am encouraged by both your prayer struggles! It’s true, God is definitely training us to be more self-disciplined, like in the areas of prayer, using our time efficiently and eating (I eat too many snacks during the day).

Haha. Eat efficiently. That’s something that I need to learn too. I eat a lot more too now that I have more and more body fat. I’m trying to still be active, but the intake is still greater than what I can burn. I miss the free exercise that comes from fishing 😣

Yes, I can’t wait to see the great work of God either!! Wow 325 bible studies, we will hit 400 very soon I just know it!!! And 200 disciples should be under way very soon to with all our struggles and God’s hand 🤚. God bless you and I pray you would grow closer to God during this time.

Amen. Imagine we reach 400 one on ones and 200 disciples during this quarantine? That will be very glorious. And thanks for the prayer

Wooaaahh! Three times a day! I think you’re gonna come out of this quarantine glowing like stars 🌟

We need to first lead many to righteousness though 😖 May God be gracious to us

Wow!! God really made us to be super creative! I love the mask for the sheep, I’m sure that you will receive great reward in heaven for taking care of even the little ones!! And the Bible study station should definitely be something I need to consider😂😂😂

OH my goodness your comment made me realize that I still have Inez’s sheep here in the house still from the last Club Fair!! Inez, I promise to take care of this little one!!! I might not have much luck making a mask for him though hahaha


Oooh! I have one of those too!!! Ahh I really need to repent because I think my sheep’s face fell off☹️ And now it’s just a white ball with no face.

LOLOLOL OH NOOOO!! That imagery is so tragic yet at your last sentence I can’t stop laughing. Hopefully God can miraculously heal this poor sheep with a little glue and paper xD

It’s quite terrifying.. Before the face fell off, one of the eyeballs actually fell off first, and now I have no idea where they all went. Poor sheep, but one day with the resurrection body it wouldn’t have to worry about eyeballs or face falling off anymore!!

haha this is so funny! Maybe his face melted off because of your powerful Bible Studies?

Wow I hope that it really was because of the Bible study!! I still don’t want that to happen to a real sheep tho lol.

For a second, I thought that you were talking about your human sheep. Phew……

He looks plump and happy 🙂

Such a blessing to live among sisters during quarantine ! I miss my sisters very much 😭😭

We miss you too Jean! You always said wise and encouraging things!

And the abundance of frozen strawberries…


The title made me laugh 😹


I feel the same about not being able to go to campus. I like your quarantine masks and I hope in this time we can all draw closer to God all the more. I have been cooking a lot in this time and enjoying it with Jesus. I find that at times when I am laying down I have the motivation to do some situps.

Haha Sombo when I’m lying down, I usually just have the motivation to fall asleep. Your comment is inspiring xD