I Was a Dead (Wo)Man Walking

I heard this song on the radio today, and I was so pumped up by reminders of God’s grace in my life. I don’t want to become a dry and ritualistic Christian, going through the motions and considering the things of God as a burdensome yoke. But when I remember how Jesus saved me from a miserable, directionless zombie life, my heart overflows with thanks and love. Then, serving God is so fun and joyful. I am encouraged to pour everything out for the one who brought me back to life.

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Wow!! This is great!!! The singer’s shouting is like the testimony of each of us remembering how painful it was to walk in darkness and at the same time, thanking God for his salvation grace. It left deep impact on my heart. Thank you for sharing this song.

Each time I hear this song, I am always reminded of God’s sweet grace for me. What a great and blessed life I am enjoying now because of God’s saving. My life is so much simpler and peaceful now, and just like what the singer says, “And now I can breathe.” I never imagined that I would be able to get out of my darkness and live a completely different life. Remembering this grace of God for a hopeless person like me gives me hope that God can do the same to many dead men/ women on our campuses through… Read more »


Amen. Thank you for posting this song. It’s good to be reminded of how God has rescued us and brought us back to life. Personally, this song has comforted me and reminded me of how I need to be thankful for all that He has done. Awesome song I am free indeed and He has rescued me. Thank you for posting such an encouraging song.

I remember hearing this song when it came out and being encouraged to see how, despite many years of performing Christian music, Jeremy keeps maintaining his zeal for God and also remembering his great grace for him. I hope to maintain this zeal and remember God’s grace like this continually. I am alive and walking because of Jesus’ grace! Before I was dying with such a bleak outlook of the future freshman year on campus, but as I was on my campus today I was thinking about how this is like my present day Garden of Eden. I can enjoy… Read more »

What an amazing testimony it is! “Like my present day Garden of Eden.”


So true, I was just teaching the parable of the mina and thinking “wow Rob, God has given you so much, bible study notes, such great understanding, he expects so much from me and wants to give me 10 cities for working hard for him.” to just forget that and turn into a Christian zombie sounds awful.

Oh man! Christian zombie – that does sound like a nightmare. It reminds me of the verse about being lukewarm, not exactly a sworn enemy of God but not truly passionate about Him or His work. I’m pretty sure Satan is delighted to see Christians wither like that. I don’t want to be that person! Thank you for the reminder of the minas – it makes me remember how worthy it is to live with eternity in mind. Also thanks, Melissa, I don’t often listen to Jeremy Camp but this song is amazing. “You loved this dead man walking, back… Read more »

I love the lines: “I was a dead (wo)man walking / until you loved this dead (wo)man walking back to life.” When I saw the depth of God’s love for me, expressed through Jesus’ death on the cross, all my walls came tumbling down. It truly was God’s love that put life in me and still today it is God’s love that keeps me alive. His love for me is steadfast, reliable and so deep.

Wow, awesome song! Remembering Jesus’ grace in my life is so crucial during these days where life seems to get more and more difficult for me! When I remember that he rescued me from the dominion of darkness and brought me into a new life where He reigns I can feel free and live for God with all of my heart. May we not be zombies, Melissa, but awesome warriors who can withstand the storms and who continually remember God’s grace upon our lives….Especially through testimony writing!! God bless you!

This is very encouraging! I was really a dead woman walking, couldn’t stop loving the dead things of this world. But by God’s grace, I can now break free from those dead things and walk in his light! Amen!

Can’t wait for Jesus to resurrect many dead students through us!