Lord remember me

Has anyone heard this song before?? The first time I heard it, I was taken by surprise at the thoughtful lyrics, the gentle and soothing beat, and especially, the way he says “my Lord.” It changed the way I think of this phrase–to me, it’s no longer the “Christian” thing to say, but the way I would address my God and king, a very personal plea for help or forgiveness, always acknowledging my own unworthiness. One of my favorite parts is when the thief on the cross sings, “How could I not recognize you, how could I not recognize my Lord?” And of course, the best part of all: “Lord, remember me.”

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I’ve never heard this song before. Very touching.

Like a thief on the cross, as He hung there dying
For crimes, there were no use denying
While the righteous Judge hung right beside him

It’s unfathomable that the only righteous judge would humbly lower himself this way. Our Lord does not “lord” it over us, but comes to us like this. A beautiful love story indeed! Thank you for sharing!

I agree…
God unmeasurable Love for us surpasses all standards and barriers. He makes himself available for all who want to come to know Him, I am amazed how he opens up the doors for us.
Thanks for sharing as well!
Jesus Christ all day everyday!

This song is cool, i have never hear it before, thanks for sharing! From the beginning of the song to the end I was reminded of why I am here today. One part of the song that really inspire to continue on is when he mentions about God’s plan and when Jesus sets his foot on the ground the dead will rise again. This reminds me when Jesus reached out to me and gave me a new life. Although i was dead and hopeless, buried under all dark things, he stepped over my tomb, rose me up again and said… Read more »

Thats an awesome scene ! Jesus raises the dead and says to them “Follow me” Like you mentioned thats what Jesus did my life. Jesus is so cool, so i must follow him !

The bridge stood out for me: On Sunday You came as a King On Monday washed the temple clean On Tuesday You told of what will be On Wednesday You waited patiently On Thursday You said it is time I’ll drink this cup ’cause it is mine On Friday, Lord, You poured the wine It reveals vividly the action pack and adventurous life the Person of Jesus Christ enjoyed. Jesus never lived a boring day! Here I just realized you are also enjoying the same way of life through your joyful constant participation and contribution to all church events. They… Read more »

Your point stood out to me reminding me of an obvious truth that Jesus did not live as a Sunday Christian. But as you said, this is real Christian life. What good news that this is the zoe life that Jesus calls us to! It is not just living this way on Sunday, but instead, that life would reflect being a true Christian Monday through Saturday as well.

I was pleasantly surprised by this artist and was also touched by his song be kind to your self.

So soothing! It makes me just calm down and I become speechless. I encourage everyone to listen to this song!!!!

This song has such a wonderful rhythm, i just want to rock to the beat. As long as Jesus remembers me i can put my worries to rest and be chill like this song. I also wonder what the “Resurrection Letters” are?

I’m glad that I decided to listen to this song today. I was feeling a little down, but the soothing notes and the lyrics comforted me. Thanks for sharing this song

After hearing the song only a couple times I found myself singing, “Lord, remember me,” all day! I didn’t know any of the other lines in the song, so I just kept repeating that one line. The more I repeated it the more I thought about it and it helped me be really sincere towards God. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!