Quick, shepherds are starving out there on the mission field – give us ideas for snacks, recipes, anything!



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1 year ago

Haha. Sheep are starving for the word of God, and shepherds are sometimes starving for a quick meal 😖

11 months ago

Hi. 😬 I am very late to the party…..XD. Maybe I will think of something. Ooo I might make prosciutto with melon :3 it’s very good, actually. A high class feast of a snack, to say the least!! 😊

11 months ago

Share with us, we’re all starving hahaha! I just looked it up, it kind of looks like bacon before being cooked…

11 months ago

Yeah, it does. It’s very salty. But with something that’s sweet, it oddly tastes delicious. ^_^ It’s more of a gourmet food item, haha, but I had it a few times before…and it’s really good with more sweet food to combine with. (:

I would share…but I only have one melon….lol. XD Maybe I will make it in the future for a church snack, or for a feast or something. Try something new, ya know?

God bless you ^^